Django Standalone Apps

A few years back I had an idea. I’d write a series of blog posts specific to things I’d learned - often the hard way - about to create and manage Django standalone apps. A few draft posts turned into a few more and it occurred to me that what I had in front of me was basically a book. So I’d write a book!

As my father would say, “famous last words”.

Much progress was rapidly made on the book and the life caught up with me. Books are the kind of thing I think that you need to either attack in full or with a carefully orchestrated long term campaign, inbetween strategies don’t work well.

At any rate, in order to get it finished I’ve decided to eschew the self-publishing (Leanpub) method and just post it to my own site. I’ll offer an ebook when there’s a polished version, but in the meantime hopefully the material here will prove useful to someone else.

You can read the in-progress version at

It’s worth noting that some of the original material was written three years ago. I’ve worked on it here and there since then, but some of the content deserves a significant update. I’m currently going through sections and either editing to make it publishable or updating/writing the content (as there were some holes despite the detailed outline).

If there’s something you think that should be updated or is questionable, I’d love any and all feedback: