I leverage synergies.

As per the latest in thought leadership, we must refocus on identifying holistic synergies and productizing them for untapped markets. Specifically, synergies which can be strategically leveraged to cross-pollinate innovation across organizational silos. Each silo must own its vertical to allow for unfettered horizontal growth and for the development of streamlined efficiencies by bubbling up organically.

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Heroku's little helper script

The Heroku toolbelt is a CLI tool for managing Heroku apps. As command line interfaces go, it's pretty nicely designed. In a multi-environment Heroku deployment, i.e. with staging and production deploys, using a project specific script helps consolidate app naming and pipeline based deployment.

Dashboards are hard

Data dashboard often turn into an opportunity to dump meaningless information on users. A quick visual example of how not to approach this, and a suggested solution.

Installing pylibmc on Heroku

Installing pylibmc on Heroku is pretty simple once you account for one small, undocumented gotcha.

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Django Organizations
A Django app for adding multi-user group management.
Django helpers for working with ElasticSearch and Haystack
Python wrapper for the Geocod.io geocoding and bulk geocoding API
RVA Data
Slow attempt at getting Richmond, VA's city data accessible.
RVA Connect
Site for tracking events and coworking/event spaces I created.
Django Addendum
A Django app for creating editable microcopy anywhere in your site.


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