I leverage synergies.

As per the latest in thought leadership, we must refocus on identifying holistic synergies and productizing them for untapped markets. Specifically, synergies which can be strategically leveraged to cross-pollinate innovation across organizational silos. Each silo must own its vertical to allow for unfettered horizontal growth and for the development of streamlined efficiencies by bubbling up organically.

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Book notes: Sapiens

We're the monkeys who killed off our cousins.

Django Standalone Apps

Introducing the very belated and still in-progress Django Standalone Apps fieldguide.

Book notes: The Spanish Civil War

Everyone is screwed. Still.

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Django Organizations django
A Django app for adding multi-user group management.
elasticstack django
Django helpers for working with ElasticSearch and Haystack
pygeocodio python
Python wrapper for the Geocod.io geocoding and bulk geocoding API
RVA Data data
Slow attempt at getting Richmond, VA's city data accessible.
Django Addendum django
A Django app for creating editable microcopy anywhere in your site.
Screenshooter ruby
An automation tool for generating cross-browser screenshots (e.g. in a CI build).
pydiscourse python
A Python library for the Discourse API; maintained and packaged fork.
SmartyStreets.py python
A Python wrapper for the SmartyStreets geocoding and address validation API.
Django Quagga django
A maintained fork of the now deprecated Django Zebra with support for newer Django versions.


This Old Pony: Working with Legacy Django Apps

There are a lot of examples out there for how to start a *new* Django project, but how do you start working on an *old* Django project? This talk from DjangoCon 2016 in Philadelphia provides some answers for how to get started.

Slides, Video

Crafting Better API Clients

This was a talk first from PyTennesee in 2015 and reprised at APICraft RVA a few months later.

Slides, Video

Finding the Needle: Search and Django

From DjangoCon 2013 in Chicago, this is an intermediate-level talk on how to integrate search functionality into a Django project, with some ElasticSearch biases.

Slides, Video


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